A team that stands by you, at your disposal, for a long standing and constructive dialogue in order to make your dreams come true. With 3 different foreign languages spoken and being specialists in transactions and sales, Aude team is the ideal partner to ensure a smooth completion for your project.



 Marilucia MARTIN - Administration Manager    Denis RATORET -  Estate Agency Owner 



Through the combination of an accounts secretary training as well as speaking 3 foreign languages,  Marilucia is the ideal point of contact for our clients, both purchasers and vendors.


Through her large experience within the tourism industry with direct contact with clients,

Marilucia knows how to mix her professional abilities, her respect for confidentiality as well as her know-how in human relations in order to be a true asset to our agency, from the onset.


From this area and enthralled by it, Marilucia knows it’s every secret. 



Owner of the agency and practicing within it since 1998,  Denis Ratoret is undeniably The specialist in the property market for the Limoux and surroundings area.


With hundreds of successful sales and a true expertise in business and legal matters regarding property transactions,

Denis possesses the knowhow for our clients, purchasers and sellers alike, to benefit from a transparent and unmatched service.


As a committed player in the community, Denis is also a mountain bike instructor.






David PAYAN - Senior Sales Negotiator   Isabelle CALLICO - Sales Negotiator    Van Nhi PHAM - Sales Negotiator


As a specialist in customer relations and communication for over 23 years in France and English speaking countries, David Payan is totally bilingual.


Through his professional career, he has gained an in-depth knowledge within the renovation and construction field.


His perfect handling of the English language enables him to precisely understand the needs of our clients, in order to bring them optimal solutions.


For many years, David has also been an active member of an association supporting children in need.





As a graduate of an HND French equivalent in customer relations and communication, Van Nhi comes from an established family of local retailers.


His experience within the family business has enabled him to develop an acute sense of hospitality and client relations, which he puts daily to the benefit of our buyers and sellers. Enthusiastic and perseverant, Van Nhi was able to quickly find his place in our agency and in the estate agency business as a whole.


Passionate about cooking, he is also a talented sportsman, having reached his black belt 1st Dan in Karate. 



Sasu au Capital de 10 000 Euros - Gérant RATORET Denis - R.C.S Carcassonne n°508 421 815

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